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When can I expect my pictures to be done?

After your session is completed, you can expect your images delivered within 1-2 weeks. If you’d like express delivery, turnaround time for your images can be changed into Next-Day for $150.

How do you deliver images?

Finished images are sent online via link to an online folder. Access can be granted for images to be viewed publicly (anyone who has the link) or your link can be password protected, make sure to specify your preference. There will be a 48 hour notice sent to alarm notify you of when your link will become inactive. 

Will all of the images be given to me?

RAWS are not included in your package unless discussed. However, they are available for purchase after every shoot.

What if I want additional edits?

Additional edits are always available for purchase.

Can I bring someone to the shoot with me?

Absolutely. I actually encourage for my clients to bring someone that'll assist them in being their natural selves. 

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